Fresh Check Day Fall 2016

What is Fresh Check Day?

ECU’s Campus Recreation and Wellness (CRW) usually hosts a variety of events on campus to usually get students involved in living more positive and healthy lifestyles. On November 2 2016, the CRW held Fresh Check Day, which is a celebratory fair-like event run by volunteers with interactive expo booths, food, games, music and giveaways. It is a reminder that ECU’s campus cares about the well-being of students and their mental health.

Our Social Media/Marketing intern, Victoria, and I teamed up to create a social media campaign for this event. I guided her on how to create a campaign and how to successfully implement her game plan.

Social Media Campaign Objectives and Goals

  • Increase the engagement and get people to attend Fresh Check Day
  • Bring mental health awareness on campus
    • Utilize the event slogan, “Be the 9 out of 10, who can help” on social media and other important points that are a part of Fresh Check Day
    • Also use hashtags and tag sponsors involved
  • Utilize social media before, during and after the event
  • Determine if Social Media strategies worked positively in short time span (impressions, engagement and reach)
  • Try Facebook Live Video to see of it will help boost views/engagements
  • Assess the effectiveness of CRW social media

Social Media Strategies

Use Twitter, Instagram, and Snap from a week to the day of event. n Being consistent will bring target audience to the event. n During the event updating social media will make students who don’t know last minute to come check it out.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 2.04.47 PM.png

Social Media Calendar


  • Make possible status about upcoming event on event page and CRW Facebook
  • Make a status with a couple of pictures from event
  • Share Fresh Check Day on Facebook.
  • Photo album for students to find pictures of themselves
  • Facebook idea: Go live during an event


  • 10/28-11/2 Tweet on Sunday introducing Fresh Check Day
  • 10/28-11/2 Tweet 2-3 times per day until event
  • 10/28-11/2 Include sponsors and tags at least once
  • 10/28-11/2 Tweet mental health facts and add #FreshCheckDay
  • 11/2 Tweet picture of event
  • 11/2 Thank sponsors and everyone who attended the event on the day of


  • Get students to add Snapchat through snapcode (either by interacting with students or getting their picture on snapchat)
  • Make use of geotag filter during the event. (Take many pictures with it)
  • Take Snapchats of different booths
  • Take pictures/videos of students enjoying their time
  • Get faculty or those working at booths to discuss mental health/facts for snap story
  • Take a snap the flyer and preparations for the event


  • Make posts of flyer before event using #FreshCheckDay
  • Take pictures/boomerangs at event
  • Get candid pictures of student interaction
  • Tag sponsors/students in instagram posts


We Victoria, Kelley and I, divided and conquered to complete our Social Media Campaign Plan effectively. We checked off everything on our lists and even had fun along the way!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Kelley and I, during Fresh Check Day!

Overall, Fresh Check Day was a success! Our Social Media Campaign was a success and I can say that because of how well our analytics performed during that time. I assisted Victoria on how to retrieve Social Media Analytics and interpret them. Then we put that information inside of a presentation. She faced her fears of public speaking and presented those analytics in front of our professional staff. A few months later, Campus recreation and Wellness won an award for “The Most Outstanding Fresh Check Day Campus for 2016.”

Carley and Victoria’s Fresh Check Day Analytics

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That presentation was a huge accomplishment and milestone for Victoria. I am still close to her and cheer her on till this day. Here is the story behind her giving that presentation.

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