Facebook Live with ECU Admissions

In mid-January, ECU Admissions and The executive director of communication and marketing for student affairs approached us with an idea to have a Facebook Live “tour” of ECU’s Student Recreation Center. Previous to our meeting, I was conducting research on every detail about Facebook Live and looking into camera equipment to give our social media content a more professional appearance. By collaborating and talking about all sides to creating our first Facebook Live video, I needed to create a walk through guide just to cover all of the details including why we wanted to go “Live!”

The purpose of our Facebook Live “Tour” was “to create an informational, well-rounded and genuine Facebook Live tour video of our beautiful Student Recreation Center for late high school and incoming freshman students. Each of you were specially chosen to represent your departments in this project because of your passion and knowledge of your departments. By collaborating with each of you and show casing the WOW factors that the SRC has, together we can successfully generate a smooth flowing, informative and well-rounded Facebook Live video that encompasses all CRW aspects for prospective students who want to be Pirate’s just like us!”

To make all of the details and information crystal clear for all of the students who were participating in the filming; I created a “Facebook Live Walk Through Guide for Campus Recreation and Wellness and East Carolina University Admissions.” This guide contained the purpose, target audience and general knowledge, a map of the route of the filming, labeled with where everyone’s assigned locations were, the main points and scripts that the students prepared. As I met with each person, the guide helped me communicate all of the main details and content that each student needed to deliver during their part of the Live video.

It was hard work but I knew this would help organize my brain, the students involved and production crew to be on the same page… literally.

After a long month of planing details and other logistics, pitching and purchasing our own film equipment, collaborating with staff and students, exposure to challenges and overcoming these obstacles by innovative problem solving, researching additional material, having a few practices and having a tremendous amount of fun along the way; I would like to present to you, my Facebook Live (brain child) that finally came together and was brought to life. Enjoy!

Our Facebook Live segment did extremely well and received over 2,500 views. [I WAS OVER THE MOON ABOUT THIS] Soon after hosting our segment, I was approached by ECU’s Career Services to be a part of their Facebook Live at the Career Fair. So I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to take our interns on a field trip to the Career Fair! Before we went to the fair I prepped them and walked over to the career center and got them their own business cards and to polish there resumes so we could all be ready to attend the Career Fair. Below is the Facebook Live for Career Services. [I appear around the 13 minute mark]



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