Oh, hello! My name is Carley James Paulsen; welcome to my digital portfolio! The portfolio outlines the experiences I have had in the fields of public relations, communications, digital marketing and social media. I have developed talents transferable to future endeavors. I strive to keep up to date on current digital marketing trends and pay close attention to social and media landscapes. My past experiences in planning and executing  social media campaigns coupled with the ability to analyze data, identify trends, and present key findings (both quantitative and qualitative) have led to much success to date. While I am continuing to expand my growing arsenal.  I enjoy public speaking, Adobe Creative Suite, and trailblazing media campaigns through Facebook live. I am recognized for being an innovative/creative employee who is quick on her feet. That drive reflects continuous excellent execution and problem-solving skills, resourcefulness, and attention to detail.

Think differently. Be different. Make a difference.